Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Vision and Voice at e.g. Conference

The next e.g. Conference will be April 18 to 20th, 2013.  At the 2012 e.g. Conference earlier this year, the very first block of speakers addressed the topic of Vision and Voice. Successful strategic planning at work (and in life I might add) requires

  • identifying a clear destination (let's say, a vision)
  • defining the challenges to getting there and
  • coming up with intelligent options
(from 6 Strategy Insights RIMs New CEO Can Use, an HBR blog post by Stephen Wunker)
Almost to a one, each of the e.g. speakers talked about how they developed a clear vision.
  • Singer & Songwriter Kina Grannis talked about Greg Jardin's vision that led to creating a video made with over 288,000 jelly beans.  Watch the behind the scenes video for a sense of how the vision coalesced, the challenges they faced in execution and the joy of the final result. 
  • Jonathan Harris, designer and story architect, talked about how his dismay with 4 challenging forces of our era of  compression, disposability, curation and self-promotion  helped him identify the criteria for his counter-vision as deepening, timelessness, creation and self-reflection which resulted in, a new story telling architecture and platform.
  • Jim Meskimen, actor and impressionist, demonstrated an impressive repertoire of distinctive voices. You can watch him do Shakespeare in celebrity voices to get a sense of his skill.   Marion Ross from the tv series Happy Days was his mom so he grew up in a household where imitating other people's voices was standard fare.  Why wouldn't you?
  • Soprano Charity Tilleman-Dick, soprano, shared how her vision for organ donation grew out of her experience of having a double lung transplant.....twice.
The list goes on but these personal, vocal and physical ways of expression and developing a vision can give us story architectures and examples of what vision is and how we might arrive at there, either personally, collaboratively)  or as part of an organization.

Now is a great time to ask, "What's the story? What's the vision?"

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