Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Public Bikes C3

Finally got to take my new bike (@Public Bikes C3) for a spin and headed out on the Stevens Creek Trail on Sunday. On Monday I cruised the high voltage transmission tower lines with my tripod over my shoulder, my camera bag in the front basket and my iPhone in a pocket. I'm ready for any photo.

This bike does have a few worrisome features.  No quick release hubs for easy changing of flat tires. The pedal fell off right away and I had to have the crank arm replaced due to some stripped threads. Chris and Justin and Dawn at the South Park shop took care of me though, giving me a Public Bikes wrench and a giant container of honey to compensate me for my trials.

The gears seem a good fit for my at max overpass biking routes and the internal hub helps keep my pants legs clean.  Weighing 29 pounds I need to beef up my biceps to get her on and off the train but the weight and frame geometry make for a smooth ride.

Most people seem to think I'm cute (definitely not Tour de France material) on this bike.  It's a rather unaccustomed response.  And I'm enjoying the lack of performance expectations that comes with it.