Monday, June 18, 2012

Ten Values to Sustain Creative Practice

I've been doing a bit of work to get a portfolio shop setup over at RedBubble and in the process of trying to figure out what to put in the dreaded profile where I have to talk about myself (gasp), I realized there are some personal value that help sustain a creative practice.

Ten Values

1. There's something beautiful every day.
2. It's temporary...if we don't stop and catch it, it changes, and we can catch that too.
3. Every moment we can see this beauty is precious.
4. Every opportunity to share our passion with others is a gift of connection.
5. Perception comes from inside, from the condition of the heart. Take good care of it.
6. It's not about the tools....
7. And the tools have opened my eyes to new possibilities.
8. Zoom with your feet (thx Richard Koci Hernandez). They are the best lens I have.
9. The photo is the starting point, not the end.
10. Always play


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