Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Practicing Love

Love always hopes

Grandma's afghan, color of cream straight from the cow, thick wicket shell stitch, crocheted with the knowledge of freezing Kansas winters in a house heated only by bricks under the covers at night.  Crocheted for my hope chest so that I would be warm in cold weather, whether inside or outside my home.

I love my grandmother for thinking of the difficulties I might face ahead and making me a king sized cover of 30 lb homemade armor for home so heavy in love that it needs a commercial washer.  Each shell a practice of love, over and over, again and again, thousands of times the way I need to practice dense patterns of hope tightly packed with love, done over and over, again and again, thousands of times.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

1000 Blessings: 171 to 174

I had gotten away from this practice of giving thanks for blessings but realized I need to stay close to it in order to fully live where I am:

171. the raised orange wings of a bird of paradise gilded by sun
172. the curled cat grub napping at my back door
173. the luxury of being able to stay at home while sick
174. for text messages like tiny reassuring touches