Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Of Shoes, Glasses and the New Year

I can't wait for my new glasses! I remember in 7th grade feeling the same way about getting a new pair of running shoes.  First purple Pumas, then navy blue Converse. If I had the right kind, I would go faster!

I have the same illusions about my new glasses. I hope ardently that on the day I begin wearing them they vest in me keen powers of insight, maturity and wisdom that I don't possess today but certainly wish I had attained.

Like you, if you're reading this, I'm getting a New Year too.  The gift of a new year brings the same sense of outrageous possibility.  Things can be different.  We can be different.  And we make our lists of what to change.

When my new running shoes came, I remember holding them and my breath with anticipation.  And then i put them on and ran my first quarter mile. No seconds were shaved off my time.  No glorious move up on the track team.

But they did make my experience of running, drudgery at 12 years old, less so and more of a 6 Million Dollar Man slo-mo experience.  I probably ran more or at least more cheerfully as a result and through the slow steady application of practice got faster.

My experience of my new glasses will probably be much the same. After the shiny newness wears off, I'll realize that the new glasses have transformed only my experience and over time, that difference, combined with diligent practice, will improve my abilities.

Likewise, every day in this shiny new year, we have choices to enjoy the gift of every day and to diligently practice. And if we miss a day, we don't have to wait for a new year to start again for His mercies are new every morning.

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