Friday, September 30, 2011

Studio Notes: Hen and Chicks

When I used to photograph in a studio, I kept all my intermediate Polaroids and my notes on exposures and artistic direction in a spiral bound notebook to learn and for reference in future shoots.  With iPhone photo apps, there's less room to do that.  Without that record I often lose track of what I actually did in the photographic process.  That makes it not so repeatable if you find some combination of steps, apps, filters that you like.

So, I decided to start this again....on a smaller scale working up to include the intermediate steps.  I envision being able to do this about once a week.  Here's the first one.

I started out with a Hipstamatic photo of some hen and chicks outside Amici's Pizza using the Lucifer VI lens and Ina's 1969 film.  Later in the week I bought Decim8 because I was impressed with Docpop's photographic deconstructions on Flickr.  Though I played around with a lot of the filters in the app the resulting images were too severely deconstructed or not enough, particularly for a fairly organic scene.

So I made a line drawing of the original image in ToonPaint and blended it with the deconstructed image in PhotoWizard to restore some of the hen and chicks and some of the recognizeable subjects.

I also tried some textures in PicGrunger but ultimately decided it was just too much because it made the subject almost unrecognizeable. So I chose the earlier blended version and left it at that.  I took it through a final pass in Filterstorm to set IPTC tags and to make some final adjustments.

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