Monday, September 26, 2011

Photo News of the Week

Here are a curated group of great info I found last week while exploring the world of photography.  I've grouped them in apps, publishing, shows, gear, business and iPhone. A hat tip for this idea to Andi of Misadventures with Andi who puts together a Saturdays at Six post covering a select group of interesting reads of her week.  Anyway, here goes.

Apps: The hottest app of the week is Hipstamtic's introduction of the Wicker Park Pack.  I found out about this from Marty Yawnick's LifeinLoFi. Nox Dineen had guest posted an app update that the pack was finally here.  Here are 2 ways to check out the look of the new lens and flash:
Hipstamatic group pool on Flickr
* Hipstamatic Wicker Park Experiment showing the lens paired sequentially with 9 films

Publishing: Michael Mack is doing Al Gore's book one better by making photo books for the tablet aka iPad more scalable. But it still costs upwards of 12k euro to put one of these together. Someday folks like Blurb, Snapfish and Picaboo will make this accessible for even more.

Shows: If you are into Instagram there's a show of all Instagram art coming up in London called MyWorldShared. You can submit images through Instagram by using @myworldshared or #myworldshared.

Gear: The Canon Powershot s100, a replacement for the s95, is out.  I have the s90 and love this camera for quick on the go photography.  And the hot red Nikon J1 Mirrorless Camera is out. So far, most of the reviews I've read focus on the feature and not the benefit.  Faster focus is good for action.  Faster exposure probably means you can take better low light photos all other things equal. What we need now is an example of without and with so we can see.

Business: A great post from Elizabeth Halford about how to dip your toe into the business of photography even when that business requires all or nothing commitment. Working with clients changes everything and she outlines a few ways to even out the balance of power.

iPhone: We're all waiting to see if the Tim Cook speech in October is the moment for the iPhone5 release.

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