Sunday, September 18, 2011

Photo For Today

The collage feature in Picasa is useful for more than just blog headers.  Last night I had the distinct pleasure of helping a friend celebrate his birthday on a cruise of the San Francisco Bay that departed from the Oakland Ferry.  I love these cranes and had only seen them from afar while zipping down the freeway.  It was great to be so much closer.  Collaging the images together gives more of a sense of the place.  Playing with different layouts yields different stories too:

Here I replaced the far right image of cranes with one of a Matson ship.  It gives a more complete but less symmetrical picture of the activities in the area.  I took these images using the Hipstamatic app, Lucifer lens and Alfred Infrared film.  The ones below used the same app with the Jimmy Lens for a more sunny look:

Rather than collage these 2 images together side by side, I used the multiple exposure setting in Picasa.  Of course you can also do all of this collaging in your iPhone using Blender, PhotoWizard and/or Frametastic.  Keep the tools unlocked and use whatever is handy when creativity and the urge to explore, "What happens if?" strike.

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