Monday, September 19, 2011

Photo for the Day

Whereas yesterday I used a blend of PC based and  iPhone tools, today I used only mobile photo apps....on mostly the same source images.

My app stack here is: Hipstamatic, Frametastic, Filterstorm, Instamatic.  I've added a new lower left photo for an additional perspective and swapped out the upper right.  The sequencing of images give a more successful vignette than yesterday's.

Here I've changed the proportion or aspect ratio from yesterday from rectangle to square.  My app stack is Hipstamatic, Photowizard, and Instagram. Photowizard allows me to control the opacity of the images giving me more control over the resulting blend.  I like this one better both for that reason and the overall composition.

I'm always amazed at what happens if I just keep asking "What if....I do x." Keep experimenting, even if it's with the same images.  You never know where the trail will lead and what you will learn.  Just keep doing differently.

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