Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Exotic Environs at Home

Environs Series: 1 by Jennifer Hartnett-Henderson
I love going to blogs that show me photos of foreign and exotic places, places I've never been, that inspire me to travel more and to see the world.

I also am really pleased when, in the comfort and confines of my own home, I find a portal into another world.  Often this happens while I'm accidentally staring through the "lens" of my iPhone or just off in space.  I see what's in front of me, a "first look", and am struck by or find some detail of it beautiful or interesting. I take a photo of this "second look".

Later, while messing around with the photo, I wind up  with an image that makes me feel like I've seen even another dimension, a "third look" at what I walk by every day.  I am so happy in these moments of insight and recognition.

In case you're curious I started out with an iPhone image, processed it in FilterMania, then Instagram, then PicGrunger then Filterstorm.

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