Sunday, August 7, 2011

The Sum of Experiments

What happens if?

I crop it differently? If I Percolate it? If I make a line drawing in ToonPaint and merge that with the Percolated image in PhotoWizard?

What happens if I take it into FilterMania and chose Retro? or Hot Flash? What happens if I try Rays? and the Enhance automation in Filterstorm? How about adding PicGrunger effects as well as ScratchCam?

Rather than try to hit a particular target (Zones 1 through 10 properly printed), this path is about exploring what is possible. For one image, many different things are possible.

Yet, some would call this overprocessed or "tarted up". Maybe so. At the least, playing with tools increases skill. At the most, you come up with something you really like that is qualitatively different from the original image.

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