Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Value of Mistakes

"Don't worry if you make a mistake. I'll show you how you can fix it by adding some flowers or other touches. It may turn out to be the most creative of all" the instructor said.

All 8 of us were listening intently as Nancy showed us how to make greeting cards using an array of tools from embossing powders to cut papers.

This card ended up being an example of her advice. I didn't get the stamp inked all the way to the top of the basket of flowers on the bicycle. So they looked faded. Nancy suggested I add a few flower stickers to both cover the area and add more spice to the piece.

She was right. Having a mistake pushed me to do something extra that actually added to the overall effect in the end.

Here's to mistakes and creative ways of addressing them!

Via Flickr:
My favorite of all the cards I made today at the Paper Source card making class.

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