Thursday, April 7, 2011

First Story Board Construction

I'm continuing to participate in the SITS Girls Spring into Action Photography Challenge. Yesterday's exercise introduced us to the use of storyboards. Thanks to templates from Rita at the Coffee Shop I was able to focus only on what colors and subjects looked good together and on the relationship between the photos. A reasonable first step.

The relationship of the compositions is not quite ideal. While the middle two images point the eye into the storyboard, the top two direct the eye outside the storyboard as does the bottom left. It would be better if they all pointed to one another because that would keep the eye.

The color consistency is decent with yellow and red being the dominant ones and blue for accent.

The selection of topics is a bit too diverse (books, flowers and a card) but the color scheme provides the unity.

A great exercise in thinking about unity and diversity in a composition. Next up I'll work to learn how to make a template myself.

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