Sunday, March 6, 2011

Getting Your Groove Back

You wake up one day and feel better and by virtue of feeling better realize that for quite some time you've been feeling worse.  You realize you lost your mojo only because you found it again. It could be due to family fights, work is not going so well, a health scare, poor self care, a breakup or whatever. But you're not your usual feisty self.  Sometimes it's hard to tell where the problem starts and therefore where to focus on solutions. It could be:

  • Physical - some ideas include eat, feed yourself! get rest, take naps, sleep, exercise - get the blood running through those veins and generate some endorphins
  • Relational - you've gotten isolated somehow.  Pick up the phone, IM or e-mail and make arrangements to spend time with friends, family, shiny people at work, anyone who raises your spirits
  • Spiritual - touch base and reaffirm what you know to be true.
  • Developmental - it may be time to change.  It could be your job, your home, your decor, where you derive self worth from.  That takes energy.
  • Or all of the above plus more.  

Some ideas on how to triangulate:

  • Get away - it could be a long drive, a picnic or a weekend away.  Just dump it all and get away.  See if you get new perspective just from the change in scenery and turning your back on the things that drive you crazy.
  • Wait - sometimes these things just take time and you need to wait while looking for answers, aka active waiting
  • Read - see if you recognize yourself in someone else's writing.  Perhaps they can describe perfectly what you're going through and help you identify the problem
  • Talk - grab a friend and talk it out.  Listen to your friend's counsel.
Whatever it is, God's mercies are new every morning.  Every day is a new day and a chance to dance again.  Take advantage of it!

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