Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Value of Vacation

My scattered thoughts about a recent 3 day weekend spent in Portland can be gathered into 3 categories:

Any time you travel there are the blessings of on-time departures, early arrivals and smart, kind personnel.  There are also the things that are not so much.

  • Airport restroom stalls that are too small to change your mind in let alone accommodate your rollaboard and purse
  • Toilet seat covers that are so ephemeral they rip while pulling them out of the holder or float off the seat before you have a chance to weigh them down
  • Airport PA systems that sound like "osknadr;2b'onvoivj[ait" which could be fine except they expect you to respond.

Some very good and long-standing businesses have gone out of business. It's hard to accept that when a business does something so well that it can still go lights out. 

  • Ten 01 - beautiful restaurant with so so food in a fabulous location, no explanation
  • Everett Street Bistro - outstanding breakfast place closed due to multiple defaults on the lease
  • Alu Wine Bar - when we arrived all we saw was a notice of trustee sale

There's something about putting your life in your peripheral vision while on a weekend getaway that helps your back matter sieve through that life for patterns, insight and perspectives. After 3 days of play, on the plane ride home, I had no fewer than 9 epiphanies. These are revelations that change how I live my life.  Almost anything that can give me that kind of insight on how to live is worth it

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