Saturday, February 5, 2011


I bought this book at an airport book store just before taking off into 8 hours of planes, airports and rental cars. I selected it because it was short at less than 200 pages with easy-on-the-eyes font, the cover artwork was intriguing, and because I had heard the sentences themselves were finely wrought and the use of language unique.

Some other things are true as well.  It won a Pulitzer Prize. It is Paul Harding's first novel. But these didn't enter into it.

It is also a story about a man winding down like the clockworks he fixed and since I was on my way to visit my father in the hospital, I thought this might not be such a good book to buy.  But I bought it anyway.

In this book, houses disappear and reappear.  So do people as 3 generations collapse into one another and then separate and then join again so that you have to read carefully to find out whom you're really reading about and if it might actually apply to all 3.

Finishing the book was easier on the way back, after my father was better and soon ready to leave the hospital and go home.  There's something somewhat off about this book but at the same time, revelatory of something right.  I recommend.

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