Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Running Lessons

I've been learning a few things recently through running.  It's funny what you can learn from keeping yourself company for 2 short miles:

  • Of all the sports my body could be suited for, it is most suited for running. Though my stride may not be the most efficient yet, I'm reminded of what Joan Benoit accomplished despite or because of an ungainly gate and I am not discouraged. Though I am not the springest of chickens I'm reminded of what Dara Torres was able to accomplish "too late" in life according to some. I'm inspired by women who peel off the limit stickers and push the envelop of possibility for us all.

    • If you've run for any length of time you've gone from once again a couch potato, albeit enforced by illness or injury or pregnancy or a schedule that would knock out an Olympian, to once again a runner. You've developed a practice of beginning again, sometimes at the very beginning, and sometimes a bit further along, that is a transferable skill to other areas of life. Never underestimate the value of beginning again. It pays twice. Once in progress and once in character.

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