Sunday, January 9, 2011


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We have a wonderful boutique wine store up the street called Artisan Wine Depot but I never remember the names of wines we try so the benefit is lost on me. I decided to take some notes as that's the surest route to memory.

Having just returned from Spain this summer and enjoyed the albarino and other off-main versions of white wine, our latest trip to Artisan was focused on trying to recapture the tastes of that time.

Yaba, from Spain, is a white wine made from macabeo calatayud grapes (never heard of them before) grown on old vines fifty years old and older. It is a wonderful sipping wine (meaning tastes good without food) with definite tropical fruit on top of mineral notes. The best of both worlds without the nastiness of a proper sauvignon blanc or the sometimes overriding sweetness of riesling.

Yasa is very reasonably priced at $11.99 per bottle and would go well with many hors d'ourves plates such as mini-quiches and mains such as pasta with white sauce and seafood.

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