Sunday, January 9, 2011

Remodeling is Not for Wimps

Remodeling is not for wimps. Just yesterday we began the process of tearing out our carpeting, ruined by a chimney flashing leak plus 15 years of wear and replacing it with bamboo flooring. It will be beautiful. Already I've learned some things and we're only on day two.

The vision of the completed room or space is clear as you. You've selected a contractor who understands the materials, likes your choice and is adding to that vision through design touches. Life is good. Day one of picking up 58 boxes of flooring and finding space in the house that's already turned upside down has gone well.  Life is good.

The vision of the completed room is clear as day to you and every fiber of your being is straining toward the finish line.  Six days the contractor says.  And you believe him.  And that faith sustains you. But when something threatens the smooth progression of that schedule calm as a boat gliding on the water whether with a ripple or a tidal wave, you clench and think Edvard Munch's Scream. Because your life doesn't get back to normal until this is over.  You can't sleep in your bed, cook in your kitchen or even work at your computer undisturbed until the last nail is driven, the tools are packed up and it's time to bust out the Lemon Pledge. You've only got so much in the stress budget to allocate among all the various things that take up that budget and frankly, work has got 100% of it this week.  So you're overallocated.

Then, take a deep breath and remember. Remember a lot of things.  God is in the details so taking time for the details, even if they slow you down - keep you from reaching your end state on time - is important. Remember if God brought you to it he'll get you through it. Remember that it's not the finish on the dining room floors that matters, it's how you treat people, including your nearest and dearest, and the state of their souls. Am I helping or hurting?

No, remodeling is not for wimps.

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