Thursday, December 30, 2010

A Year in Review

Seth had a great post today on what did you ship this year. Got me thinking, what did I "ship"?

Ran 870 miles in 5 countries and 6 states
Ran 7 races in 2 countries
Reduced my race times from 10 min/mile to 8 min/mile
Burned 548 donuts in the process
Ran the whole year injury free
Got myself into and implemented recommendations from the RunSafe Clinic

Made 365 photos
Made 4 family calendars and 12 calendars for friends
Sold 27 greeting cards to individuals and another ~10 to a distributor
Bought and learned a new camera

Traveled to 4 countries and 5 states
Brought 8 distributors in US and EU up on a new process
Renewed my PMP (Project Management Professional ) certification and added BOST (Business, Operations, Systems, Process) certification
Reached for risk and started a new project

Countless loads of laundry
Remodeled the kitchen and installed a new ceiling fan
Celebrated our 20th anniversary with a trip to Barcelona in June
Visited family in August

Some things are easier to quantify than others and this one is not easy.
Continued with daily devotional practice
Volunteered as co-lead of the Budget Coach Ministry
Provided budget coaching to 2 families
Rejoined a women's bible study for community

137 blog posts

This makes it easier to see what holes I'd like to fill in 2011, the places where I didn't ship something. I'll do some thinking about what I'd like to "ship" in 2011. Feel free to share your shipments too.

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