Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Pile O' Negatives

I have just started the book, The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin who studied happiness for a year. I've made it through Chapter 1 where she works on de-cluttering her life and getting more rest.  Enthused, I started de-cluttering mine by taking 5 bags to Goodwill and Freecycling about 5 more bags.  However, despite the fact that this is big progress, I am overwhelmed by what remains to be addressed.  This picture is symbolic:

Can you say "pile o' negatives"? And this was before I went digital in about 2006. I couldn't face going through these so I went through my digital 2010 folder and got rid of 4.5GB of photos that weren't any good or were those duplicate files with all the detailed info that Canon gives you that I can't open for some reason.

Tomorrow, I'm giving myself one hour to work on consolidating this enormous batch before I put them in boxes off to storage.

Some negatives you keep because they are "work", some you keep because they are memories and some you just keep because they're too hard to find to throw away. I'm hoping to find the work that I'm not done with and the memories I want to keep and to toss the rest or much of the rest.

Just working on consolidating all the prints I have was an enormous task. Looking that "the work" brings back the feelings and the memories associated.  It's just so much.

At times like these when I'm pretty far down the discouragement path, I have to remember, this ability to take photos that I have is a gift that God gave me and one that I need to steward just like all the other abundant gifts that he gave me.  I throw my hand out and ask for God to help me through this because, seriously, it's just a stack of negative holders, but it is way too much for me right now and I need help. I can't wait to see what happens now.

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