Thursday, December 23, 2010

5 Years From Today

5 Years From Today
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This is a great book!
It's perfect for anyone who goes cross-eyed at the mere though of vision and mission exercises and who hasn't a clue for how to answer the dreaded question, "Where will you be 5 years from today."
At only 1/2" thick, it's not intimidating. And even better, it's filled with fun exercises like Thank God It's Monday. Over the next 5 years you'll have 260 Mondays. What can you do to make them as special and fun as Friday's?
I used to think that you had to do the Vision and Mission exercises perfectly, but now, going through this book and getting some good ideas of things I want to do from only a couple of pages, I realize I still get value even if I don't have 5 years from now defined.
I've even given myself permission to be totally non-committal. Rather than ink or even pencil in my answers, I put them on small post -it notes that I can change 5 years from now or tomorrow.
While I still don't have my mission or vision figured out, I do have some concrete ideas about things I want to do. That's enough clarity for me. Even small movements will generate new possibilities. It's being stagnant that doesn't create opportunities.

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