Wednesday, December 1, 2010

4 Things That Changed My 2010

It's not that reflective time of year yet but during Thanksgiving I had time to reflect on what the big changes were for the year. You know, the things that have the biggest impact on you. Here's my list so far:

1. Kitchen Remodel - This by far has increased my joy most on a daily basis.  I like operating my kitchen plainly put.  As a result, I cook more and more of what I cook tastes good! Recent Beef Burgundy experience is proof.  Rolling my own pie and quiche crusts is more proof!

2. Pastor Change - at my church, the pastor, a wonderful funny man, left suddenly and under suspicious circumstances. While it rocked me quite a bit and made me question whom I was following, a pastor, a church or my God, ultimately, the whole mess has strengthened my faith.

3. 20th Anniversary Vacation! - I am so proud to have reached our 20th anniversary and I'm thankful to God. We celebrated by visiting Barcelona in large part to see Gaudi's works but it also turned out to be fun just to be there.  The Barcelonians know how to relax, eat and slow down.

4. New Job - Lastly, I got a new job at the same company in February and I have really enjoyed the opportunities to learn and grow that have been afforded to me there.

I did the same sort of reflecting last year and found it helpful in providing perspective.  What changed for you?

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