Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Creating Photo Calendars

High Voltage Transmission Lines
© Jennifer Hartnett-Henderson
I made my first calendar and I had no idea it would be so hard! The questions that came up for me were particularly esoteric:

  1. Audience: Who am I making this calendar for?
  2. Motivation: If for someone else, what's important about that? What do I expect their reaction to be?
  3. Taste: If I'm making for someone else, how on earth can I pick 12 photos they would like? 3. If I'm making one for several someone elses, how can I pick something that would appeal to most? If I'm making it for me, what are my 12 favorite photos from 2010?
  4. Theme: What's the uniting theme or topics that provides a consistent thread through the calendar?
  5. Season: Should the photos relate to the season or not be constrained in that way?

The practicalities were a bit, well, tedious?

  1. What is the recommended pixel per inch and size for a particular service provider's user interface?  I never did find the answer for Snapfish.  I just used the guess and guess again rule until I stopped getting "Warning, your image is too small" message and the entire image fit into the "box".
  2. There's no approval copy sent to you.  You have to order one, pay for it, then decide if it works and order more.
  3. The supposedly easy interface between Flickr and Snapfish doesn't really meet the need because if you size photos small enough so that others can't print them as their own then they are no good for you for any of the print facilitating sites like Blurb or Snapfish.  

What looked like "quick and easy" turned out to be about 4 to 6 hours of work for 1 calendar that I haven't received yet so I don't know if I'm done. I'm sure I could do this smarter next time. For now, I'll just never believe what I read.

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