Thursday, September 9, 2010

Time Out

I just read a fabulous post over at Pioneer Woman about the 10 Important Things that Ree has learned about blogging.  Her post is reminding me that I need to show up here daily, often, even if it's only a clam baked thought...or half of one. Because you appreciate consistency. Someone showing up day after day.  Frankly, so do I as a reader.

If you've been reading me I really appreciate it.  Your visits and comments are part of my existence proofs.

Lately, work has been so busy I feel like I'm skiiing down a diamond slope....on my face. But I know that life is like that for all of us to one degree or another so it's no excuse.

I'm off to grab a cup of coffee, pray earnestly for God to help me through the day to get up, dress up and show up. I'll ask the same for you. Have a great day!


Andi said...

That is a really great post from Pioneer Woman, I am going to highlight it in my Saturday Six and credit you. Love the blog look and feel that you have evolved too!

Jennifer said...

Thanks Andi! I've really enjoyed reading your blog over the last couple of years. Thanks for keeping it up!