Friday, September 10, 2010

Danger Burn Out Ahead

I'm a workaholic, and I didn't know it!

I subscribe to The Little Pink Book, an e-mail newsletter associated with Pink Magazine. In this week's issue, titled Women Achieve-aholics there was a link to a quiz that promised to tell me if I was in danger of burnout.  Trusting, I clicked....and after whack-a-mole-ing interfering pop ups navigated to the Forbes site to this quiz.

Perhaps my first tell-tale sign, I didn't bother to read the brief, very brief intro paragraph but went directly and immediately to the start button. Question 2: I get impatient when I have to wait for someone or when something takes too long (like reading the directions). Possible answers: never true, sometimes true, often true, always true.  How about something between often and always because I'm sure there's one or two times I don't get impatient....a year.

But hey, it's only question 2.  How bad can it be? But then I clicked often true or always true all the way to 10 and I realized I might have a problem.  But wait, maybe there's a lot of questions so this is just a small proportion! By the way, why are there more questions?  Isn't this enough?  Aren't we done yet?

But the next 5 questions my answers dropped down to between sometimes and often.  Maybe it's not so bad? And oh, by the way, how many more questions are there? Are we done yet?

Number 23 got me: I put more time and energy into my work than I do into my relationships with loved ones and friends.  Most definitely need to change that one.

After 25 questions I ended up with a score of 71 and a downer of a fortune cookie: "You are a workaholic. You could be on your way to burn-out, and your friends and family may be experiencing emotional repercussions as well."

Whew! I took the quiz again, thinking it must be wrong.  I got the SAME score....and the same doggie downer result. Time to do some thinking!

How about you?

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