Thursday, September 16, 2010

4 Ways to Keep Your Inner Alligator At Bay

I lived my own poverty of spirit today, when I actually thought that someone was winning over me, forgetting that I am cared for, forgetting that there is abundance in the world, forgetting that I am given all that I have and lashed out to protect myself. The alligator came out in me.

There are at least 3, okay 4 ways to keep the alligator asleep:
1. Remember that I am truly loved by God
2. Try to look at things from His perspective.
3. Trust in His abundant love for me
4. Trust that no matter what goes wrong, He can make it into something good. He is the ultimate creator that way.

I'll get plenty of rest tonight and try again tomorrow.  His mercies are new every morning and so shall mine be.


Anonymous said...

When it gets too much at work, I will tell myself that too shall pass and what will I do if I look back to this moment in the future? Then I will laugh it off, try it sometimes, it works for me every time. But I pray each morning for God to give me strength and wisdom to deal with whatever that comes my way. He always does.
- Love, Pam

Jennifer said...

Pam, thanks so much for stopping by and offering words of wisdom. I will try that prayer too. hugs to you:) Jennifer