Monday, August 30, 2010

Pursue Your Passion and The Application Will Follow

Pursue a passion no matter how seemingly unrelated to work skills it is.  You never know where you'll pick up a critical differentiator.

Case in point.  Ten years ago, I was fascinated with bodybuilding, lifted seriously for a year and competed in contests twice.  Hours of practice of choreographed routines, prepared me for actual posing both solo and in competitive groups,  in a swimsuit made of minuscule triangles in front of a crowd and 3 judges.

Years later, this has prepared me to give broadcast streaming presentations under bright lights to invisible audiences containing executives as judges.  If I can pose in minuscule triangles in public, I can do anything.

Another case in point, my love of photography, especially composition, is also useful.  This skill comes into play when framing of ideas at work.  What to leave out, what to leave in, where the edges are.

Therefore I say, whatever you love to do, do it on the side if needed, but do it.  The application will follow. Your brain needs time to make the connections and your life circumstances need time to change to bring the application of those skills to light.

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