Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Dads Simple Fix

Dads Simple Fix
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Both jig, made to help get the paint job done by keeping the plates in place, and evidence, the reverse shadows of doorknobs held in place by a nail hole, the silhouette shows the imprint of what was there just as our absence leaves a mark that our presence covers.

Leaving my parents today I feel a keen sense of their absence and, perhaps more accurately, my absence from their lives and what it means to them. When I left, the tone in their voice was warm and appreciative as you would be of an old and much enjoyed friend.

My sense of their lives is of duration dwindling, impending scarcity. At the rate of 1 week per year, I may only see them another 10 weeks in my whole life. I will miss them terribly when their absence from my life takes the place of mine from theirs. The shoe will be on the other foot.

How to change? When I return to regularly scheduled duties, the apparent urgencies of my life have, in the past, taken over my sense of the importance of spending time with them. The only thing I know to do is program it in…every 8 to 12 weeks instead of once a year. I might regret not spending enough time with them but I won’t regret spending more time with them.

And if I take steps to do my part to make it happen, may peace like a river flow through the results.

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