Saturday, July 17, 2010

What's to Love about Barcelona: Part 2

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While you may get pretty hungry waiting for the famed "late" dinners starting earliest at 9pm, the food all day long is well worth the wait. This edible artwork of chocolate souffle was a special treat on the first evening in Barcelona at a mother & son restaurant called Ibericum. They specialize in acorn fed pork ham sliced to sliver perfection and served on a platter.

Good wine with dinner is very reasonably priced in Barcelona. At Ibericum, a bottle of tasty Villarrica Albarino, a Northeastern Spain specialty, was 18.90 Euro. A bottle of Lo Tengo Torrontes, more Agentinian, was only 21 Euro at Rias de Galicia, a prime seafood restaurant. A Muga Curza at Fonda Gaig was also only 20 Euro. In American restaurants of this quality you would pay much much more for a bottle of similar quality.

The price fixed lunch menus at museums were also extremely reasonable. At Caixaforum, a contemporary art museum, lunch was 12.70 Euro for 3 courses.At Fundacio Juan Miro a good simple spaghett dish was 9.85 Euro.

But the one that got away was Quatro Gats sequestered inside a park inside of Parc Montjuic. We'll have to try them next time!

What's to Love about Barcelona: Part 1

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