Saturday, July 10, 2010

Summer Sun at Saavy Cellars

Summer Sun
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Saavy Cellars in Mountain View (there's also one in Redwood City) is a wonderful place to enjoy a flight of wine in the late afternoon summer sun. Located in a quaint old but new building on Castro Street next to the Caltrain tracks, this wine bar has a "there" there. The wide open Centennial Plaza gives this long building room to breathe and the outdoor patio occupants someplace pleasant to look. With 90+ point wines you can't go wrong. And the sunsets are the best. The only thing missing for weekend late afternoons is WiFi and possibly some plugins.

Full disclosure: Saavy Cellars doesn't know who I am nor are they paying me in wine or dollars or any other currency to say nice things about them. Enjoy!

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