Friday, June 25, 2010

Chelsea Flower Show 2010 Part 1

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It's a Friday and I have to say I'm a bit relieved that the week is almost over and I'm eagerly anticipating the adventures of the weekend. I have one hand on my forehead in relief but my chin is tilted up and there's a sparkle in my eye focusing on the future.

Just like this mannequin lady here. I took this photo at the 2010 Royal Horticultural Society Chelsea Flower Show, the mecca of all flower shows. The display was of 3 mannequins, none of whom were looking at each other but just by their body tension, made reference to one another.

I crouched and peered through the flowers to catch a better glimpse of her eyes. While she seemed bright eyed, open faced and twinkly, the face brimmed in shadow of the mannequin behind provided a bit of menace to the scene.

I wish I could provide accurate credit to the design of this theatrical set piece.  Based on the map, the listing of exhibits in the Great Pavilion and my memory it's either by the British Florist Association or Pershore College.  Either way, it was a wonderful tableau. You can view it larger on by clicking on the image.

Happy Friday to you!

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