Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day

This Father's Day weekend has been full of chores that I've seen my Father do.

Yesterday morning, it was unclogging the drain, something that, with 4 girls in the house with varying degrees of long hair, he was always doing. I thought of him quite often while going through the process of getting a catch basin, unscrewing the S-trap, shoving all that gunk through, re-attaching the drain stop. Although we weren't together on Father's Day, I felt connected by doing something he did.

Later in the day, I tackled cleaning the lint duct, which in our place, is over 25 ft long.  He helped me do it one time when he was out visiting. As I was pulling the dryer out, taking off the dryer hose, running the brush cleaner up about 12' on the inside, going outside, getting the ladder, taking the nails out of the lint duct cover, and plunging the brush cleaner through from the outside in for the other 13', I remembered that time and how we both ended up with lint in our hair and on our faces and drank iced tea afterwards to recover.

This weekend taught me that you can connect to the people you love, whether near or far, here or gone, by doing the things they taught you, the things you saw them do or the things you did together.

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