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Canon S90 Review

Here Comes the Sun
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First the disclaimer: I bought my own Canon S90. Canon did not give me one for a review and they have no idea who I am.

The problem I had been trying to solve: I was missing the ability to:

  1. stop on a dime and take photos of the serendipitous beauty that I saw around me daily
  2. quickly take photos while on business travel without calling a lot of attention to myself or my camera
  3. take photos while running without growing an extra leg or arm.

My Lotus LG cell phone had performed valiantly (except in the rain and in the dark and at close range) but it just wasn't up to the task. The photos I wanted to take required focus and depth of field control. Most point and shoots don't have that whereas most professional cameras like my own Canon EOS 5D have their own set of downsides: not very portable, not quick to shoot with and definitely not discrete.

The search: I looked through cameras for something that gave me depth of field control (Aperture control) as well as manual focus. I found 3 bona fide suitors....or, rather contenders:
  1. PowerShot S3 IS
  2. Canon PowerShot G11
  3. Canon PowerShot S90
The smallest of the 3 is the S90 and portability is key. I got so much more than I was looking for. This camera has a number of special features called "Special Scene Modes":
  1. night shooting mode and low light mode
  2. people face finder
  3. foliage special shooting mode
  4. an aquarium special shooting mode for goodness sake! and that's in addition to an underwater one
  5. a historical special shooting mode that makes your photos look old
  6. a color replacement mode in case you don't like the color of someone's shirt
The list goes on and, yes, it does include manual focus and Aperture mode. This camera does 88% of what my professional camera does. And I'm discovering that it does more all the time.

I did read a review complaining about battery life but I have not had that problem. After constantly turning the camera on and off over a 2 to 4 hour period, I still have full bars. I will say I haven't used the flash much so that may be the difference that makes a difference.

I highly recommend the Canon S90. It's the pencil of cameras.

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Anonymous said...

Wonderful pictures! I love my new camera, now when I miss a great shot I come back out and wait for the next one, they always come along. Have fun taking pictures.