Tuesday, March 2, 2010

New Blog Header for March

This month's blog header is composed of images taken while on a recent trip to Birmingham, UK. On the left are steps from Paradise Place, a large shopping center in Birmingham.  In the middle is a monument and a partially dismantled ferris wheel, both in the midst of a sleet storm.  On the right is an image from Paddington Station on the London Underground.

They say that napping helps you integrate memories.  I love naps anyway.  It seems to me that collages form some of the same purpose placing together images from different places of different things and taken at different times.  The juxtaposition provides a new take on the experience as well as a new experience.  Maybe collages are the new nap, a way of napping while being awake.

I love being able to make a new blog header every month and I love that the images are so fresh being only a week old. If you'd like to make a blog header of your own, here's a prior post on the topic.

If you'd like to see more images from the Birmingham Trip check out my Birmingham set on Flickr.

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