Monday, March 22, 2010

Lessons from Remodeling

I've learned a lot over the last 4 weeks spent in either preparing for, being in the middle of, or recovering from a kitchen remodel:

1. You always have more choices than you think you have. Take, for example, choice of grout color.  Who knew there were 30 options?

2. The choices you do make have unintended consequences. When we opted for 30" cabinets instead of 40" to replace 36" we lost one whole shelf in each cabinet without really realizing it.  We should have measured the new cabinets in the show room, gone home, replicated those measurements, and thought through viscerally what that meant. Also, our home can now only be sold to tall people:) Even we have to use a small stool to reach the top shelves in some corners.

3. Even if your choices are not perfect, the new is still better than the old. Despite the fact that the grout color I chose is really too light and the cabinets are shorter than expected, the overall effect is quite lovely and I have no complaints.

4. Transformations take more energy than you expect.  Even if someone else is doing all the work for you, you still have to take care of the prep work, daily re-calibrations and all the clean up and re-settling and that takes time.  Don't underestimate the impact on your overall life, schedule and personal needs.

Hope that helps you prepare!

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