Saturday, February 20, 2010

3 Ways to Slow Blogging Twice

There are at least 3 fun ways to make sure you're so busy that your blogging slows:

1. Get a new job / position / opportunity (still great to have a job)
2. Cover for your boss while he's out of the office (a great opportunity to learn more)
3. Begin business travel, a treasured rarity these days.

I'm sure you could add many more from the happy circumstances you face. What I realized during this hiatus is that this act of blogging  is not something I do to fill time but quite possibly plays a vital role as an expression, a developer and a compass.

Blogging and writing are an expression of thoughts, opinions, points of view. Having those is sort of central to being and having an impact on the world. Following an idea in writing through twists and turns to new places develops that starting thought, opinion or point of view into something more robust and different from the start point. For example, when I started this entry, I thought one thing.  By the time I finish it, I will be transported to an utterly different place and take on things.That's development. Lastly, taking the time to separate out what you think from your insides to the outside on "paper" helps provide a compass, a direction, something to line up to. All of that takes devotion of time, flow time, slow time, time when time disappears.

So here are 3 better ways to slow blogging.

1. Express - your thoughts, opinions, feelings
2. Develop - them to a new place
3. Compass - get what is inside out and true up to it

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Cherylann said...

Thank you! I needed that reminder of why I started blogging in the first place.