Wednesday, January 20, 2010

White Kitty

White Kitty
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My grandmother used to buy me stuffed white toy cats at Stuckey's and Nickerson Farms on her road trips down to visit us. I even had one with a bell in its tail when I went off to college.

I don't remember now where I found this one but all these years later I still have a white stuffed toy kitty.

And 10 years ago, I finally got a real white kitty who keeps me great company. When she was little and I was at home more, she would drape herself across my shoulders and over my neck and nap while I worked on the computer. Now, when I work on the computer, she's usually near on her Cosmic Catnip Scratching Mat.

Here's to white kitties, both stuffed and real:)


Anonymous said...

Beautiful. I heard somewhere that white cats deaf, is that true?

Jennifer said...

Gerardine, I whistle at her and talk to her all the time and she hears just fine. She does turn a deaf ear when I'm telling her to get off the table however. Selective hearing perhaps:)

Molly Sabourin said...

My kids are dying to get a kitten! One that cute would be awfully hard to resist!

jingle said...

soooooooo innocent kitten,
I fall for her instantly...

beautiful post.
cheers, ;)

Anonymous said...

White kitties are the cutest!
I think even my tortoiseshell would have agreed.