Sunday, January 10, 2010

Unexpected Solutions

Powerline Runner
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When I run, I see so many interesting things but, until today, hadn't figured out how to capture them for you. Ideally, I'd like to have my Canon 5D with me but it's big and heavy and definitely not running friendly. I just don't think of using any other camera.

Today, I took my LG Lotus cell phone, which, like most cell phones, has a camera in it....not a great one but still. I had so much fun running and stopping to take a photo, then running some more, then stopping when something caught my eye. It was fabulous.

Given this energizing experience, eventually, I'll look into a spiffy light weight little camera to take with me....but for now, this one is good to show you what's out there on the trail.

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richard said...

While I try to take my camera with me as much as possible, there are times when lugging the SLR around is a pain.

I, too, sometimes think about getting something thin I can just slip into a pocket (or I could borrow my daughters thin pink one).