Monday, January 25, 2010

Unexpected Solutions #2

Cala and Gerber
Originally uploaded by thyme2003

It has rained solidly the last week so my light source for indoor photography has been really dim. However, we replaced the 3200K kitchen fluorescents with 5500K and it now looks like daylight in the kitchen! If I hold the vase up to the light I can actually get 1/50th at f2.5 and the color is beautiful. Cost: ~$9 for 3 tubes.

Unexpected Solutions #1


T Lee said...

Oo, I love that photo (as well as the one of the tree in the prior post)!


richard said...

I imagine you are talking about the compact flourescents? They are extremely expensive in Madrid (between 7.50 and 8.50 Euros each). And don't get me started on the LED lamps (30 Euros for a 3W lamp).

Light is definitely important for pictures. As well as the colour of the lamp. Do you let the camera decide the white balance or do you manaually set it.

Very nice capture.

I almost always use the 50mm lens on my camera (mostly because I don't like the stock 18-55mm that came with it and I can't justify the 24-105mm).