Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Sun Will Come Out

The Sun Will Come Out
Originally uploaded by thyme2003

It has done pretty much nothing but rain for the last week. It does let up but literally, only for 5 minutes at a time. Not long enough to dash out the door and back.

In this photo I wanted to convey the opacity of the days and the blurred vision that lack of light yields. Also, the sense of looking up, for guidance, for light, for hope.

Reminds me of Psalm 30:5:

His anger lasts only a moment
but his favor lasts a lifetime;
weeping may remain for a night
but rejoicing comes in the morning.


jingle said...

hopeful post,
I love the brightness in your blog,
thank you for the
cool stuff shared.

christina said...

Beautiful picture!


junebug said...

Love the picture!

richard said...

It was grey and rainy in Madrid for several weeks startign before Christmas. The past few days have been nice and sunny - definitely good to get out and stretch the legs.

A good shot. It is great when a shot turns out. There are many times when what I see and what I take don't look anything alike.

Willow said...

Gorgeous photo!

Jennifer said...

jingle - thanks for enjoying the hope and brightness. christina, junebug and willow, thanks for popping by! Richard, Madrid! Sounds like a great place to be regardless of the weather.