Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Project 365, Day 100!

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I'm only 5 days behind!!!!

Project 365 is a commitment to take or make one photograph a day for a year.  You would think Jan 1 would be the ideal starting time but I started with the Blissfully Domestic 365 crew back in October. Participating has certainly sharpened my powers of observation and definitely pushed me to take photos of things I never would have considered before increasing the variety of my subject matter.

Daily discipline of anything leaves a mark.


richard said...

You are the second blogger in two days I have come across who is doing Project 365.

Jennifer said...

Richard, welcome back! Thanks for commenting.

Shannon said...

I started this project a couple of weeks ago. Unfortunately I am already behind with taking pictures! LOL But I am just hopeful that the project will help me develop my love for taking pictures & obtain some quality shots.

Shannon - ICLW

Jennifer said...

Shannon - don't worry about being behind, just keep shooting. Looking forward to seeing your shots!