Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Past

Referring to Chanel's refusal to live in the past, author Karen Karbo writes in The Gospel According to Coco Chanel, "as you get older the past starts piling up like dirty laundry in a fraternity house. The future shrinks, the past grows, and to refuse to develop a relationship with it is to cut off increasingly larger chunks of who we were and what our life has meant."

It's very interesting to think about giving "the past" credence as a role. When you're young you don't think about it. You're fresh and new wherever you go. Once you are past that stage, "the past" whatever the form, from resume to addresses, may well become almost a second person with whom you must reach an agreement and on whose behalf you must negotiate a way forward.

Remembering it is one thing. Sorting through the richness of it is another. Pick items of relevance to the person in front of you. What would they like to know about? What would assure them?

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richard said...

I don't notice my past piling up, but I certainly notice my future shrinking.