Sunday, January 3, 2010

Nuts About Running Shoes

Nuts About Running
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What do you get when you combine a love of shoes, photography and running? This photo! Actually, I was cleaning out my closet and realized that I had way too many running shoes.

The Asics Gel Kayano's (13 & 16, the 2 blue and whilte models) are a soft ride which my forefoot needs and good for a mild pronator . The 16 differs from the 13 in that it has a Guidance Track to guide your foot back in an efficient manner and it has an extra 3mm in the heel for women (who wear high heels and need to ease up on the Achilles tendon). The 13s are about used up so in another 100 miles I should be able to retire them.

The 3 pairs of trail shoes (New Balance 872, La Sportiva Fireblade and Asics Gel 2120) are not yet my favorites. The NB and La Sportiva removed too much of the cushioning with the NB being the most punishing on a dry trail. The Asics are reasonably comfortable but don't have the ruggedized tread that the others do.

But now that I'm running again, I have hopes that I can wear some of these out!


Maureen said...

Shoes are my passion too! Obviously since I work for the Running Company Shoes I get to see all of them! The Kayano 16s are really pretty : ) Love the photo!

Jennifer said...

Maureen, Thanks for The Running Company tip! When I get some of these worn out I'll definitely shop there. Have you tried out I'm really enjoying it for sharing workouts with friends.