Saturday, January 2, 2010

My God Sized Dreams for 2010

A New Year is a new start, a time for things to be possible again. I've written before about 10 Things I'd Like to Build in 2010 but a recent post at (In)Courage called "What's Your God Sized Dream" by Holley Gerth that made me think about that in a new way. The things I listed in my old post I think I can do...with a try-harder focus-more attitude. But there are some things that I still want that I know that only God can make happen.

1. I really really want my photographs to grace the fronts of greeting cards to build relationships between people. Ideally, I'd like Hallmark to license the images. I'd like them to be successful, to minister to people and to sell.
2. I'd like to own and run  my own successful and respected business.
3. I'd really like to live in a beautiful light filled paid for home where we were comfortable entertaining and do so very often to bless people and to love them.
4. Crazy but I'd love to be able to run miles and miles under the blue sky with a healthy uninjured body.
5. I'd like to contribute at such a respected level at work that they promote me.
6. I'd like to write a book, actually many books.

All of this right now seems a lot far fetched from the every day life that I lead. But Gerth reminds me that "All things are possible with God" Mark 10:7

What are your God sized dreams for 2010?



Robin said...

I really appreciate this post and the other one you mentioned about God-sized dreams. What I appreciate about them is that one is about being totally idealistic and having faith that anything is possible; the other (yours) isn't about God-sized things at all (in my opinion) but about things that actually are in our reach when we focus and really apply ourselves. To me, both are necessary and just support the same conclusion that all things are indeed possible.

richard said...

Sounds like a good list of achievable aspirations.

The trick is to take steps towards achieving them. That is the hard part. I have to fight constantly the urge to wait for life and events to unfold. I need to be more assertive in charting my own course rather than waiting - but it is hard when your psyche is to defer and not be pushy.