Friday, January 15, 2010

Create Your Own Running Program

Runner's World is a frustrating magazine to read because they give you bits and pieces of so many things without putting them altogether into a context. Advanced Marathon and Jack Daniel's Running Formula give you the context but personalization is beyond the scope. So, in a fit of empowerment, having read the books already, I sat down with an excel spreadsheet and designed my own training plan based on the principles in the book and using some of the juicy tidbits from RW.

In my model, I used five constraints:
  1. Increase mileage per week no more than 10% per week
  2. No more than 10% of total mileage in tempo run
  3. Long run miles no more than 25% of total miles
  4. No more than 2 hard days a week
  5. Each hard day followed by an easy day
Using a recent 5k race result, I calculated paces for each of the types of training I need to do:
  • Easy run or long run to build capillaries - 11:09
  • Marathon Pace - 10:00
  • Tempo Run to increase Lactate Threshold - 9:20
  • Speed Form or Reps to improve speed and form at speed - 7:49
  • Yasso 800s or Intervals or Maximum Oxygen - 4:19

Starting with 10 miles a week, growing it at 10% per week, I calculate that, in a perfect world, where I never get sick or miss a workout, I could be ready for a 10K by March 8th so I picked one for March 29th.  Takes a lot of the guesswork and uncertainty out of things.  This handy dandy little tool, more than telling me when to do more, is great at telling me when to do less or slower. For example, at 10 miles a week, I only have to do 1 mile at tempo. I've been using the running program I created for 2 weeks now and love it.

Resources for you in case you want to design your own:

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