Friday, December 11, 2009

Rainy Days

Rainy Days
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We are in for a long weekend of rain after a Friday full of rain. So, that means lots of indoor activities. Rainy days are great for rumination over a cup of tea and a good book or 3.

I've just finished The Accidental President of Brazil, the seemingly languid memoirs of former President Cardoso which actually covered in depth critical milestones in the last 125 years.

In my reading pile next, I've got some useful but perhaps not leisurely reads; Cialdini's Influence and Deluca's Political Saavy. May need an extra pot of tea for those but I've had a crack at both of them and they begin engagingly. Or I may veer away from productiveness altogether and indulge in The Best Food Writing of 2009!

Truth be told, once I get the pile of books by the sofa, no matter what the topic, I usually manage about 10 pages before I nod off:) Makes for a great weekend. Happy Friday!


richard said...

I am finding I don't really like grey days. I prefer a nice sunny day. Lately, the sun has become like a good friend I miss when not around.

Anonymous said...

Right at this moment I could go for a good cup of tea. I feel like pulling out my tea service and reading.

Gerardine Baugh