Wednesday, December 16, 2009

In the Captain's Chair

Over Thanksgiving vacation we went to see the Star Trek Exhibit at the Tech Museum of Innovation in San Jose.  Costumes, props, set designs, episode timelines, collected nebulas and was all there. Not only that, but you could actually get your picture taken in the transporter room the captain's chair.  I couldn't resist!

It was such great fun not only because of the reminders of my childhood but also because after waffling for 15 minutes, I found I was willing to own wanting to be in the Captain's chair.  It felt immensely freeing.

Have you found yourself willing to own something about yourself? What was that like?


Anonymous said...

Own something about myself? My acceptance of my abilities with out pushing myself in the corner, I was ten feet tall.

Wonderful picture, I want one:-)

Gerardine Baugh

richard said...

Years ago, I would have loved to sit in that chair - though more at the science station or in sickbay.

We even built a mock up the Enterprise bridge (out of cardboard) in High School for a video we made.

I think I am still waiting to discover what it is I want to own about myself.