Monday, December 7, 2009

Grandma's Doily and Chanel

Grandma's Doily and Chanel
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My grandmother probably crocheted this doily about the same time that Coco Chanel returned to fashion in the 1950s. Crocheted doilies and eyeglasses cases are packaging that have the same basic function - to protect from scratches, but they can accomplish this function is a plain or decorative manner. Here you see two examples from the decorative category.

Today, I wore my new Chanel eyeglasses for the first time. You may say, "How can she square that with her post on Women's Wallets and World Hunger?" Well, remember... I said I believed in both taking care of yourself and helping others.

Besides, my last pair of eyeglasses lasted about 10 years and cost about .13 cents a day. If I am as fortunate over the next 10 years to have my eyesight remain stable, these will cost about .12 cents a day.

All I can say is that the packaging is the highlight and only cost $5. I'll be taking a few more photos over the next few days in an attempt to show how incredibly beautiful the case and glasses "sock" is, as crazy as that may sound.

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Andi said...

I am addicted to glasses and have to pairs of Chanel. They are good quality and last a long time. In fact I am taking my two pairs to be re-done with my new prescription - the classics never go out of style!