Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Garden City Pottery Co

The Garden City Pottery Co
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This reminds me a bit of a postcard from a far away place sent by an old friend. In reality, this is the back of a saucer of my grandmother's covered by a doily that she crocheted.

I had never examined the origin stamp on the bottom. My grandmother lived in Kansas and this plate was made by the Garden City Pottery Company. Their manufacturing facilities and offices were located in California, near downtown San Jose. So funny that her dishes came from a place near where I now live and that her dishes, at least a saucer, are back near where they were made.

CORRECTION: Paden City Pottery Co

What goes around comes around.


Anonymous said...

I have a box of old postcards their pictures are like an old painting each crack, and mark tells its own story.

Gerardine Baugh

Jennifer said...

I think my favorite part about this plate, aside from the pattern, is the amazing network of cracks particularly on the back. They are a wonderful patina. I can only imagine the drama with old postcards!